School of Agriculture & Natural Resources Management

    img Dr. Jacob J Ochieng Konyango, Dean of School

    MESSAGE from the Dean

    In line with the Vision and Mission of Machakos University , the School with its four departments:
    The Department of Agricultural Education and Extension
    The Department of Agribusiness and Trade
    The Department of Environmental Studies (Community Development)
    The Department of Environmental Studies (Community Resource Conservation)
    The four programmes in the School focuses in preparing producers, researchers, extension professionals and managers of agribusinesses who have gone through an extended period in training in agriculture and environmental sciences. The School empowers its graduates the capacity to easily adopt innovations in agriculture and sustainable rural development undertakings. The programmes consist of courses in basic sciences, technical agriculture, communication, planning, and management. The graduates from the school are also sufficiently qualified to assume responsibilities in the private sector and set up their own businesses. This is attained by putting emphasis on entrepreneurship in the teaching approaches. In the long run, the school aims to achieve the following:
    Education for Sustainability: This is based on building the skills that would be needed tomorrow which can only be achieved by taking care of the environment.
    Education for emerging markets: The programmes instils in the students that as the economy grows, incomes increase, the volume of processed food in the market shelves also increases. The school therefore not focuses in running a commercial farm, but also to team up with related departments in developing a full-fledged food processing department.
    Educating the farmer: Using the farms around and far for field attachment so as to integrate the programmes with reality and to incorporate in the programmes innovations at the farmer’s level which has have remained ignored.

    Dr Jacob J.J.Ochieng’ Konyango
    Ag Dean SANR

    We offer the following Programmes:

    Undergraduate Courses Entry qualifications Duration
    Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education and Extension) Download Application form 8 Semesters
    Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Community Development) Download Application form 8 Semesters
    Bachelors of Environmental Studies (Community Resource Conservation) Download Application form 8 Semesters