Office of the
DVC - Administration, Planning and Finance

Prof. Kenneth Robert Muema MAVUTI


Professor of Hydrobiology (Hydrobiology and Fisheries, Applied Aquatic Microbiology, Plankton Ecology, Marine and Freshwater Science)

Message from the DVC

The Staff in the Administration, Planning and Finance division of Machakos University College are thrilled to participate in this leap towards the Award of Charter. The formal launch of this University is not only a milestone for the institution but also for the people of this region. The University College has metamorphosed from a Technical Training Institute to a Constituent College of Kenyatta University and now to a fully fledged University. This has been a remarkable transformation.
I take this opportunity to welcome all members of the University fraternity and stakeholders to be part of this momonous process to make Machakos University a centre of academic excellence and professional fulfillment.
The Administration, Planning and Finance Division comprises of two sections namely the Administration and Planning section and the Finance section. The Administration and Planning section deals with the day to day running of the University College such as recruitment processes, training and development, appraising staff performance and welfare among others. The division also ensures the achievement of the University’s Mandate through administrative structures. It is the duty of the division to ensure that the University functions effectively and efficiently to the expectation of both staff and students as its core business through prudent financial management.
The Finance section deals with all matters to do with finance and advises the Management on financial prudence including disbursement of funds to other departments, all forms of payments ,tracking of debtors and creditors. Additionally, the division oversees Performance Contracting and the ISO quality assurance which are key pillars in the actualization of the Division’s Vision and Mission. The Division also supervises the Human Resource section which deals with staff matters and the Transport section that deals with the management and maintenance of its vehicles. Once again I have the pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the Machakos University.

Academic Profile

Hydrobiology, applied Aquatic Microbiology and Plankton Ecology, and Fisheries, Marine and Freshwater Ecohydrology, Water Resources and Ecosystems Management and conservation, Water Quality Analysis, Natural Resources Appraisal and Auditing, Environmental Impact Assessment and management. ( NEMA REGISTERED); - Wetland Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; Environmental Education; International Relations, Co-operations and Academic Linkages
1 Post-Doctorate training in applied Aquatic Microbiology and Plankton Ecology, Department of Zoology, Royal Holloway and Bentford College, University of London, 1986
2 Ph.D. Zoology – Hydrobiology (Microbiology & Plankton Ecology), Department of Zoology, University of Nairobi, 1983 .
3 Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K. 1984.
4 Certificate in Aquatic Microbiology and water management, Hedasha Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel, 1978.
5 Certificate in "Components Essential for Ecologically Sound Pest Management Systems" ICIPE, Nairobi, 1978.
6 M.Sc. Aquatic Ecology &, Department of Zoology, University of Nairobi, 1977.
7 Postgraduate Certificate in Limnology, University of Vienna, Austria, 1976.
8 B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology, Botany and Chemistry, University of Nairobi, 1973.
2016 - Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor - ( Administration, Planning and Finance), Machakos University
2014 - Deputy Principal - ( Administration, Planning and Finance), Machakos University College
2009 - Visiting Full Professor and Programmes Coordinator, Founder & Dean School of Water Resources, Science and Technology, South Eastern University College, University of Nairobi.
2008 to Present - Full Professor of Zoology (Hydrobiology and Fisheries UoN.)
1995-2008 - Associate Professor of Zoology.
1998-2012 - Coordinator, Kenya Belgium Flemish Interuniversity Cooperation (VLIR-IUC-UONBI) Project
2007-2012 - External Examiner, Dept of Zoology, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
2006-2007 - Thematic Head, Marine and Freshwater Science, School of Biological Sciences,
2001-2007 - Director, Centre for International Programmes and Links, University of Nairobi
1999-2001 - Ag. Director, Office of International Programmes, University of Nairobi
1993-1999 - Head/Chairman, Department of Zoology, and University of Nairobi
1988-1997 - Chairman, Management Committee, Law of the Sea, Marine Resources Management and Policy, Gent University/Nairobi University Link.
1988-1995 - Senior Lecturer in Zoology. (Hydrobiology and Fisheries)
2009-2011: Programmes Coordinator & Ag Dean, School of Water Resources and Irrigation Technology, South Eastern University College, University of Nairobi
1997-2008: VLIR IUC UoN Flemish Inter University Cooperation, Programme
1984-2012: Research Director for University of Leicester - Earthwatch - Nairobi University link in Environmental research and postgraduate training; Rift Valley Lakes and Rivers
1991-1993: Project Director and Principal Investigator, EEC Tana River Ecological and Agricultural Land Use Project in collaboration with University of Leicester, U.K.
2004 - Present Board Member of Wetlands Experts Advisory Council of KWSTI
2004 - Present Lake Victoria Research Policy Advisory Committee, SIDA SAREC Programme.
2003 - 2006: Council member, National Council of Science and Technology, and Chairman of Environment and Earth Sciences Committee.
1989-1992: (1) Board Member, Board of Management, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Ministry of Research Science and Technology.
(2) Scientific Research Member in the KNAS Lake Victoria Project on ""Factors Responsible for the frequent massive fish deaths in Lake Victoria"".
(3) Member of the Environmental TASK force for the Control of Salvinia water weed in Lake Naivasha - National Environmental Secretariat.
(4) Member of Expert Advisory Council of KENGO.
2004-Present Member of the Editorial Board, Lakes and Reservoirs Journal
2003-2009 SIDA SAREC Lake Victoria Research Initiative: Member Research Policy Advisory Committee
1988-2004 Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of "Wetlands Ecology and Management" SPB Academic Publishing.
1988-1992 Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Scientific Committee on Problems of Environment (SCOPE) Project on the "Biogeochemistry of small catchments".
1986-1989 African Region Representative and member of the International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC Foundation) an NGO affiliated to UNEP.
1985-Present Founder, ex-Chairman and Life Member, Hydrobiological Society of East Africa.
1 Identification of the most aflatoxin-resistant local maize varieties against Aspergillus flavus using Kernel Screening Assay (KSA) for South Eastern Kenya region.
2 Postharvest Handling and Value Addition Technologies of Food Crops among Small-Holder Farmers in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Eastern Kenya.
3 Modeling and Process Optimization for Removal of Antinutrients in Selected Green Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Kenya.
4 Influence of Preharvest Bunch Bagging on the Quality and Postharvest Behaviour of Tissue Culture Banana Fruit.
5 Characterization of the Phytochemical Preservatives and Nutritive Qualities of Tamarindus indicus and Ziziphus abyssinica A. Rich Herbs.
6 Influence of Inorganic Fertilizers (Macro and Micronutrients) on Yield and Quality Attributes of Tissue Culture Banana (Musa Spp) Ratoon Crop.